Playing with roles

Written by Laura Cuthbert, InWithForward Team Member & Hacktivities Coach

I wish I could say that we fit into prototyping with fluid grace; however, I often find myself slamming jigsaw puzzles together and praying we’ll find all of the pieces in the box. So really, it’s hard to know how we all fit together.

Hacktivities is in the midst of building a role, we need a person who can collect, share, and design stories. An expert storyteller? Maybe. Someone with tact and grace? Definitely. Someone already working in the sector? Who knows.

IMG_2871We only have four weeks left, so we have to decide quickly what we need most. But full disclosure, we’ve had some pretty hard learning. Keep reading more:

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Camp is in Session!

Written by Janey Roh, Fifth Space Coach

6 months of Fifth Space Tuesdays. 2 months after our final Demo Day. 3 Camp Fifth Space Sessions. We wanted to have something to keep the momentum and learning of the Fifth Space going. That’s what we were hoping Camp Fifth Space would do. Bi-weekly sessions where Fifth Space Fellows and staff could come together to share learning and information.

We have had a handful of folks attend each session. But attendance has been low. For many reasons. The Fifth Space wasn’t easy. It has been described as fun, but also challenging, time consuming, and emotionally draining. Some people are tired and need a bit of a break. Others are eager to keep going and feel that Fifth Space offered a sampling of something they want and need more of.

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#RSD4 Systemic Design Symposium – Day 1 summary

Seven of us Fifth Space folk are in Banff, Alberta at the Relating Systems Thinking and Design Symposium. It’s a collection of biologists, anthropologists, designers, academics, and other eclectics who are sharing their work and theory around systems change. It’s a new crowd for many of us who are from the disability sector – and that means we’re trying to make sense of a whole new language. Watch us reflect on our first day: what’s sticking with us? what’s mystifying? what’s missing?

Or browse Krista’s beautiful photos to see what it’s like here and some of the session slides.

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What to do when you’re not a dude

By Hayley Gray// Fifth Space Fellow and Ask A Dude Team Member

When it comes to my video watching habits, I am a total gender stereotype. I like all the romance and family dramas. If I’m watching a crime drama, a comedy or a superhero movie I could directly correlate my interest to how compelling the romantic sub plot is and whether or not there is a woman working really hard to make it in a “man’s world” or subverting the patriarchy with some other narrative. There are exceptions, but it’s definitely the rule.

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 10.23.55 AM

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Prototyping Continued: Testing Ask A Dude

IMG_20150609_140318640 (1)
Filming “Dudes” in front of the green screen at the VPL Inspiration Lab

By Irena Flego// Fifth Space Fellow and Spread The Love Team Member

Having filmed our first “Ask A Dude” video, our Spread The Love Team went on to test the prototype with our intended audience: single men. We hosted our very first Watching Party, including three men who live in home share. Click here to read how our experiment worked!

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Behind The Scenes: Filming “Ask A Dude” part 1

By Irena Flego// Fifth Space Fellow and Spread The Love Team Member

It’s the second week of prototyping! Our focus was on shooting our first video for ‘Ask A Dude’ so we can get feedback and gauge reactions. Just a recap: ‘Ask a Dude’ is all about finding a new way for men to have conversations about sex and relationships. We’re creating short TV episodes, recruiting allies in group homes & community venues, and hosting watching parties to generate topics for the next episodes.

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