Camp is in Session!

Written by Janey Roh, Fifth Space Coach

6 months of Fifth Space Tuesdays. 2 months after our final Demo Day. 3 Camp Fifth Space Sessions. We wanted to have something to keep the momentum and learning of the Fifth Space going. That’s what we were hoping Camp Fifth Space would do. Bi-weekly sessions where Fifth Space Fellows and staff could come together to share learning and information.

We have had a handful of folks attend each session. But attendance has been low. For many reasons. The Fifth Space wasn’t easy. It has been described as fun, but also challenging, time consuming, and emotionally draining. Some people are tired and need a bit of a break. Others are eager to keep going and feel that Fifth Space offered a sampling of something they want and need more of.

Something that has come out of the Fifth Space and the camp sessions is that people are finding it difficult to bring back the learnings. Partly because there don’t see where they might fit within the existing system. And partly because the Fifth Space went by so quickly and the learning was so vast that folks don’t feel confident in applying what they learned. How can we resolve some of this?

Well, we are looking at developing a coaching methodology. It’s a way for a coach to work with an individual or a team. Think of it as a kind of mini Fifth Space. A way for Fellows to gain more expertise with the methods and a way for non-fellows to get an introduction into the Fifth Space way of working.

Testing out coaching menus with Fellows.
Testing out coaching menus with Fellows.