The Fifth Space offers staff of disability services a new kind of role and experience. 

20% paid time + a team + support to do Research & Development. Try out ideas that matter to you & the people you serve.


It’s been six-months since we rolled out the R.V and recruited 29 frontline, mid-level, and senior staff to join the Fifth Space. Since then, Fellows have formed six teams; left the office to do ethnographic field work; generated hundreds of ideas; and prototyped six new solutions to six different pain points. On July 14th, we created a pop-up exhibition and had over 150 folks give us feedback. Stay tuned for a virtual tour from Demo Day. In the meantime, download our latest Fifth Space newsletter to see all the teams in action.

Fifth Space TV

Watch 5 Fifth Space TV episodes to see what’s unfolded over the past 6-months. Episode 5: The first prototype

Episode 4: The pitch

Episode 3: The problems they are a chang’n

Episode 2: Out in homes & offices

Episode 1: Flash Mob

The Fifth Space is brought to you by the Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion, posAbilities, Simon Fraser Society for Community Living, and InWithForward.

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